How Are You With Your Sports Betting Predictions?

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat, although I am not quite sure whether, that really applies to sports betting predictions, the site have best predictions in sports betting. There are innumerable ways to predict a sporting event, even some slightly less known ones like Bayesian Analysis, which could increase chances of probability but you couldn't say certainty, nothing in sports is certain. How would it increase the probability of an outcome, might this be something we might want to investigate further?

Oh, you've not heard of Bayesian Analysis? When I first heard the term, I thought it was some form of Asian Handicapping which is frequently used with bookmakers when it comes to soccer, you can see why you can't!

Bayesian analysis was actually developed by Englishman Thomas Bayes, a minister in the Presbyterian Church in 1701. You would hardly think that the Presbyterian Church would have any kind of involvement in gambling or in sports betting predictions would you? Anyhow, facts of the matter are that Bayes developed a certain simple theory of how an outcome could be predicted and this outcome could be adapted for gambling on sports events, just beware of scamdicapers.

Thomas Bayes obviously was a devoutly religious man as you would expect from a man of the cloth. However he had a very analytical mind and had a fascination for mathematics and analysis. It was from this passion that he was driven to writing an essay that he would later decide to submit to the Royal Society and eventually became internationally recognised.

When it comes to sports betting predictions, betting with your head is essential, You have to weigh up all the critical factors that are involved and then some when it comes to doing an accurate analysis with good betting systems. Even more so when you are betting on your favorite football team. For example. say they are just an average side, but you support them because you are passionate about them, when it comes down to them playing against a red hot favorite, you're going to have to be mighty careful not to get too carried away and very astute at assessing the way you would like the game to turn out (fantasy), from the way it most likely will turn out (reality). Who knows, maybe Bayes formula can help you out!