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When you are making a wager on sports the more information you have the more likely it is that you can win your wager. You can get a ton of sports betting advice before you make a bet and why not take advantage of all the information out there. Many websites have free sports picks available from experts, whose job is to really break down games and give good betting information.

Sports betting advice and free sports betting picks gives you a lot of pertinent information on not only the game, but also the betting angle. This is different than just reading the paper or sports websites such as ESPN. Sure, you can get information on the game or event from these places, but you will not get the wagering scoop.

When you look at a legitimate site that has sports betting advice one of the key things you will see are betting trends. Betting trends can give you vital information about a game and it only pertains to betting information. Let's say you look at the Miami Heat and they have won 6 straight games you may think they are a good pick to win their next one. However, will they cover the spread? In their 6-game winning streak they have failed to cover the spread in 5 of those games, so they may not be a good pick. For games that have spreads you always need at their ATS (against the spread) rankings and their recent trends.

The two things to check out when looking at free sports betting picks is ATS rankings and O/U (over/under) trends. By looking at these things you can get some great tools for making an informative bet. This is the case for both wagering on the spread of the game or the total. When searching for different online sportsbooks, stick with options that are popular and credited. Ones such as Bodog, Bet365 and many more can give you the tools you need to be a successful bettor. Also look for sites that offer more than just a sportsbook, so you know you are depositing your money into a bigger, well-rounded company. Lastly, look for sites that offer free money in the form of a bonus to get you started. That way you are getting more for your dollar and it gives you some incentive to play. Download Action casino and take advantage of the limited time bonus for a free play bonus of $3,000 to play slots, or find sportsbook incentives that can reward you with many free bets when creating a new account.

Free sports picks and sports betting advice can be great things to look at when you want to make a wager. Don't go in blind when you want to lay green on a game when you can go in very informed with all the information available to you. No matter what you want to bet on get information about the game as well as sound betting advice, as this will only increase your chances to make a smart wager. A smart wager is knowing all you can about the game, in betting terms, which is why free sports betting picks are so valuable.